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Fear ! We all have phobias, fear of height, of the spotlight, of commitment, of Public speaking and the most famous one of all fear of the UNKNOWN.

Why is there fear, Is it based on REALITY?

Do you find yourself seeking shelter in the arms of fear rather than taking up a CHALLENGE?

Fear is often no more than an over active imagination. It is not real until YOU make it REAL. If you keep thinking about it GUESS WHAT, your action will actually be influenced by that fear, unconsciously of course! So, WATCH OUT!

If you have the ability to imagine all kinds of terribleness, you also have the capacity to imagine overcoming that terrible fear and imagine POSITIVE OUTCOMES.


 I have to say simple – step back and reach out for hope. Hope sees the problem and at the same time looks for solutions.

So if you lose your Job don’t hold the fear, “Now what am I going to do?”

Look at it as a chance to may be having a career change or even to pursue a lifelong dream. Now, did you ever think of that?

In the tug of war between fear Vs Hope, Hope always wins!

Hope persists, never leaving you even for a second. Even when you think there’s nothing left a LITTLE remains and that’s all you need to hold onto promise of you better tomorrow.


Dr. Neha Sharma Counselling Psychologist & Psychotherapist

neha@manasyantra.com; psychologistjbp@gmail.com