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Are you thinking that I am crazy?  If so, just read the full article and you will welcome stress in your life.

We all had heard that stress is unhealthy; it accounts for various lifestyle ailments. We have been hearing this since our childhood. Today, every kind of media is promoting that stress is vulnerable which diminish our entire wellbeing. Many herbal, medical, spiritual and other organizations are inscribing the ill effects of stress in our mind and doing it so well that it has become a highly paid business. To some extent they are true also. When, stress become chronic and situations go out of control it is unhealthy. Otherwise, stress contributes to our entire wellbeing. When the perception is positive it is healthy when perception becomes negative it is unhealthy. This positively perceived stress is known as UESTRESS in scientific terms or good stress.

I have a support of few scientific researches for my crazy article. Let’s see how stress help in health and wellness and why:-

  1. If any lady goes through the moderate level of stress during her pregnancy she gives birth to a child who has greater motor and developmental skills by the age of 2 as compared to the ladies who were stress free during entire pregnancy tenure. This concludes that stress helps in the child development. This result is based upon the study done by Johns Hopkins in 2006.
  2. Stress enhances our alertness. It enhances our behavioural and cognitive performance. This was concluded by Daniel Kaufer, associate professor of integrative biology at the University of California, Berkley.
  3. In a new research Daniel Kaufer along with Elizabeth Kerby ( Post-Doctoral Fellow at UC Berkley) discovered that the stressful events causes stem cells in the brain to proliferate into new nerve cells that, when mature in two weeks, improve our mental performance.
  4. In the same research Kaufer and Kerby also discovered that the new cell propagation during the learning new tasks were same as the new cell production in stressful event. That means stressful events assist in learning new tasks.
  5. Deficiency of Fibroblast Growth Factor 2 (FGF2) leads to depression.  It’s amazing to know that during stressful event, nerve cell increases FGF2, by Astrocytes-Brain cells which play critical role in regulating neurons. Hence, stressful events or short term anxiety actually prevents person to enter depressive state.
  6. Stressful events generate massive mobility in white blood cells, which helps in enhancing the immunity of the body. This was discovered in the study done by Stanford in 2012.
  7. Those persons who go through the stressful situations and perceive it positive enjoy long life as compared to the persons who perceive it negative or have stressful life. Astonished! But it’s true if we perceive stress positive we can enjoy long and healthy life as studied by the researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  8. One of the researches suggests that person gone through the stressful situations can perform his work better as well as have lesser psychological complications.
  9. In one study, individuals who experienced moderate levels of stress before surgery were able to recover faster than individuals who had low or high levels.


So, my dear friends now it’s time to alter our mental map of stress as a Monster to an Angle, perceive day-by-day encountered stress and short term anxieties as Positive. If, you start perceiving stress positive you can enjoy long and happy life, less psychological complications, enhanced work performance, ease to learn new tasks, good immune system and enhanced learning ability.

Now onwards whenever we encounter stress be happy because it will enhance health and overall wellness.


                                                         I define STRESS as:-

                                                         S – SUCH

                                                         T – TEACHINGS

                                                         R – RADICALLY

                                                         E – ENHANCE

                                                         S – SUCCESS

                                                         S – SENSE

Stress is a spurt of vim that basically directs us on what we do. In trivial amount, stress has many rewards. For instance, stress can help us bump into daily trials and inspires us to reach our goals. In fact, it can aid us accomplishing our duties more proficiently. It can even advance our memory.

Stress is also cautionary, it flinches the body with chemicals like Epinephrine, and cortisol. This generates a range of reactions such as an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. Moreover, the senses suddenly have a spontaneous emphasis so we can evade physically stressful situations – such as jumping away from a moving vehicle during an accident – and be safe.

Stress is a usual part of life, but we can mend the way we retort to it and circumvent or adjust some of the situations that generate negative stress.




 Written By,

Dr. Neha Sharma

Counselling Psychologist & Psychotherapist

MANAS YANTRA – Psychology & Counselling Center

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