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Hindu Women especially in North, North-west and Central India undertake a fast on the fourth moon day after “Sharad Purnima” in “Kartik Month” according to Vikram calendar known as “ Karwa Chouth”. She offers prayer seeking welfare, prosperity, well-being and longevity of her husband.  This is a traditional festival where wife shows her love and respect for her husband.

This kind of everlasting love, respect, affection, dedication is prevalent in the Indian culture. It’s unfortunate to see that now-a-days it is decreasing due to many reasons. Young couples think that they are entering into a realm where they will have a life of everlasting joy by entering into the institution of marriage. Sometimes and in present scenario with most of the couple it is not working out despite of best efforts to make it work.

If something is not going on the track in your married life, here are tips which may help you out:-

1) At the same time never be angry, If any of the partner is angry, maintain calm , listen silently and put your point when he or she is in a good mood.

2) Both husband and wife are life partners, prove your point with love to each other rather with arrogance. Make your partner understand your point of view with affection instead of argument.

3) Daily give appreciation to your partner on any one good thing, believe you me it will make your married life happy.

4) Whatever is your age or how long has been to your marriage find some time to flirt, it will do wonders.

5) Bedroom is not for any discussions, it is for sleep, physical relationships and bonding between both of you. Talk about love and affection; keep away everything whether related to work or any other person from your discussion. You must talk only about you two and none other.

6) Helping your partner whether wife or husband does not decrease your value in society, whenever you see your partner is overstressed or under work pressure, come forward to help him or her.

7) Go on a vacation sometimes alone. No relatives or friends to be included. Its for fun and relaxation from day to day life.

8) We all are human beings who frequently make mistakes, do not keep reminding the mistakes of your partner nor think about it otherwise will you come in trouble. Forget the past and live in present.

9) If any one of the partner has any kind of issue sort it out daily before sleeping with healthy and calm conversation. This will not pile up the issues which create psychological and emotion issues in future.

10) Do not be judgmental, be understanding partner before whom your partner must feel relaxed and natural to open up his/her mind without hesitation.


Suspicion is the biggest hindrance for happy married life, Please trust your partner and avoid any kind of suspicion. If you have any discuss in a healthy and calm way.



Dr. Neha Sharma

( Counseling Psychologist, Child & Adolescent Psychologist, Marriage & Relationship Counsellor and Psychotherapist)

Manas Yantra™ – Psychology & Colunseling Center.