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Be a Smart Parent, Avoid Spoiling Your Children.

In the present scenario Children are mostly being spoiled by their parents. It is a hard truth which many parents will deny. Many researches has found this as a common reason.
Nowadays parent's try to create a world  for their children with excessive comforts and fulfilling all of their demands. Experts says many parents provide all the materialistic things which they missed in their own childhood to make their children fulfill their dreams. This leads to grow the children brat.
Cartoons and comic characters are major bad influencers for the children. Children become whiney as they grow, find difficult to handle real challenges of life and ultimately get spoiled.
It is a big irony that mostly parents fail to recognize that their Children are Spoiling as well as nowadays Children have become smart enough to manipulate their parents according to their wish and parents remain unaware of manipulation.
It is therefore important to recognize the signs of spoiled children before it gets too late.
Few signs of spoiled Children are:-
1. If children wants anything, will force Parents to get it immediately and does not care about how things are are arranged or managed.
2. Word " No" is not acceptable to them. They will do all sorts of drama to get their wish fulfilled.
3. Children whines for things they want and does not obey any rules and regulations.
4. Children does not share things with others.
5. Children are impolite, discourteous and selfish.
If you find these signs in Children than take appropriate measures to stop spoiling them. When  you will take action to stop spoiling Children they may whine, complain and resist initially but as time passes they will respond positively.
It is never too late to reform children as they are like wet clay.

Simple ways to stop spoiling Children and become Good Role Model:
 1. Children learn by example, if parents want them to be disciplined than first they have to be disciplined.
2. If parents fight, get irritated and often complaint than Children will likely to behave in similar pattern.
3. Parents must act in responsible manner.
4. Nowadays mostly both parents are either working or if mother is a housewife than also not able to give sufficient time to their Children due to engagement in other activities like kitty parties, engagement on social network etc, so they fill this gap by fulfilling the materialistic demands of children. Stop doing this give sufficient quality time to the Children.
 Children needs quality time with parents and their love and not every possible material comfort or fulfillment of their every wish. Spend maximum time possible with Children, take interest in school activity, play with them, talk to them about their day, and most important of all teach them to be satisfied with what they get, creat a feeling that they are prevailed to have what they have because for many children it is only a dream. This will make them value their parents and bring closer.
Please do not fulfill each and every demand of the children even if you can afford it. Let them understand that they cannot get all they wish for. Irrational demands of children are a Big No.  This world is harsh so let them learn to cope the disappointments in a positive way from early age.
Children must be taught the value of hard work and learn that earning money is not an easy task. They must learn to respect and realize the importance of hard work.
Children must be taught that each and everything they want cannot be made available. Set Limits for things like new toy will be given to them only once a month, new dress would be available only quarterly and unhealthy food items are big No for example aerated drinks, chocolates, chips, bakery items etc which would be available once only fortnightly or monthly and stick to your decision. This will teach them value of things and patience, which new generation is lacking.
You as a parent behave well and teach good behaviour to the children. Make assure that bad behaviour is not be tolerated in any condition.

Dr Neha Sharma 
Counseling Psychologist, Child and Adolescent Psychologist, Relationship and Marriage Counsellor and Psychotherapist