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Dealing with day to day Stress and Anxiety



Many of my clients ask me that each and every person feel stressed or anxious sometime, So how to cope up with this without taking any anxiolytic medicine ?

Yes, Stress and Anxiety is a witnessed by all living beings in their life, not only human beings but animals, birds, reptiles everyone. There is nothing wrong in getting stressed or anxious sometimes, I would rather say it’s good until and unless it becomes your 24Hrs feeling, then it is problem needs proper treatment.

Here are few tips to relax from stress and anxiety :-

1 Put on your favourite song and dance.
2 Go to the garden nearby, walk and use your all senses to appreciate nature.
3 You want to sit quietly no problem just take a pen and paper, note down what exactly you are feeling and then torn out that paper.
4 Take deep diaphragmatic breath with eyes closed counting 0 to 21 and then 21 to 0.
5 Have a cup of coffee or your favourite chocolate.
6 Share your feeling with your close friend or family member.
7 Write a Gratitude journal, write on it for whatever you are thankful for daily. It will attract positivity in your life.
8 Surprise you by planning something and doing something else.
9 If you like puzzles, indulge in solving it.
10 Watch some funny stuff may be comedy movie or videos anything.
11 Keep cool pad on both the eyes and massage your temples.
12 Do Stretching exercise.
13 If you are fond of literature write any song, poem or article.
14 If you are artistic in nature, indulge in any art and craft activity.

15 Play with the kids, its most relaxing activity.

Life is a struggle, do not break down. Be strong enough to handle every situation HAPPILY and ENJOY !

Dr. Neha Sharma (Counselling Psychologist, Child & Adolescent Psychologist, Marriage & Relationship Counsellor, Career Counsellor and Psychotherapist)

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