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Something funny, cute or which makes you feel happy from within reflects on your face through Smiling as an involuntary response to the stimulus. Many studies suggest that if you even smile forcefully can have affirmative effect on our mood, it decreases our stress level and make others around us feel happy and better.




1)      If you give a pleasant smile to someone studies says that it creates a complex brain activity in his brain and he will also reply with a smile, until and unless the other person is jealous of you or is a big rival of yours then your smile will burn that individual’s heart. Ha Ha Haaaa. Just kidding ! still you will feel better. So smile.

2)      If you have neutral, furious or angry facial expressions, your heart rate increases while when you smile heart rate decreases to normal level. Whenever, we are stressed or anxious our heart rate enhances, in that situation just smile may be you have to put efforts because at this situation smiling is very difficult. Believe you me, even if you need to put efforts, Smile when you are stressed or anxious. It will calm you down.

3)      Endorphins are the chemicals in our body which makes us happy. It is released in our body when we work out as well as anti-depressants increases Endorphins. Many studies have suggested that even just smiling for few minutes can release endorphins. So without any medicine or workout just by smiling we can feel happier.

4)      Smile makes your personality charming, lovable and empathetic. If you are wearing a smile on your face, you do not need any make-up to make you attractive while, if you are wearing costly and best make-up on your face but not smiling, you won’t look attractive.

5)      One of the study suggest that just by smiling white blood cells in our body are produced which help our body to fight ailments and increases our immune system. So, just by smiling we can keep our-self healthy and keep many diseases away from us. This will reduce medical bills, increase savings and help you be healthy.

6)      Studies have found that people who often smile have more friends and social circle. Smiling gives a message to others that you are willing to talk and interact. If you want to make friends and build good relations in the society than keep smiling.

            7)       In the situations where we feel awkward, smiling makes us comfortable as well as by simply smiling we can enhance our credibility.


Dr. Neha Sharma, Counseling Psychologist, Child & Adolescent Psychologist, Marriage & Relationship Counsellour and Psychotherapist at Manas Yantra – Psychology & Counselling Centre, Jabalpur M.P. India.

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