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  1. Every child must be taught not to interrupt when someone is talking. He should wait for his turn.
  2. Always say THANK YOU to others whenever someone helps him or her. Being a guardian we must also say THANK YOU to a child when he or she helps us because child learns from his or her parents and guardians easily.
  3. Always ask your child “Please can you do it for me?”. This will inculcate good habit in the child as well as child will not retaliate.
  4. Teach the child to take permission before touching or taking things whether in own house or others’ house or public place.
  5. Teach them to take compliments courteously and thanking the person complimenting.
  6. Teach them to hold the door of room, car etc. for elders.
  7. Teach them to be polite with others.
  8. Always handle child calmly. If you will shout at the child he mimic you the same at you or others.
  9. Show respect and love towards the child. Everyone wants it whether child or an adult.
  10. Punishment is also necessary. Explain the child why he or she is punished and how in future he or she can save from punishment in future.
  11. Teach the child to respect every religion, cast and creed. We all are human with different values and principles, so we shall honour others values, faith and principles in same manner as we value ours.


Dr. Neha Sharma

Counselling Psychologist & Psychotherapist