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People usually come to psychological counselling when talking to friends and families proves not to be enough. Having someone to talk to who is not directly involved in your particular circumstances can make a real difference. We are trained in the art of listening and have skills to help you explore your concerns, to help you make sense of complex issues and to find a way forward. 

All counselling work is completely confidential.

1)            Assessing and Diagnosing child, adolescent and adult behaviour and emotional problems.

2)            Depression and Anxiety in children and adults.

3)            School behaviour problems and school avoidance.

4)            Defiance and other disruptive behaviours of childhood.

5)            Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder: assessment and treatment for children and adults.

6)            Parent effectiveness training.

7)            Divorce and Separation.

8)            Relationship Problems.

9)            Death, loss and bereavement including child grief, family grief and complicated grief.

10)          Personal and Professional development/ fulfilling your potential.

11)          Persons struggling with faith and spiritual issues.

12)          Becoming ‘un-stuck’ and moving forward.

13)          Stress Management.

14)          Work life balance, home life balance and life enjoyment in the present moment.